Welcome to the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem

The Sovereign Military Order of the Templar of Jerusalem is the officially recognised Commandery in England & Wales with progression routes into the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem (OSMTJ). OSMTJ has a proven ancestral line to the original medieval Order of Knights Templar which, following its unjust suppression in 1312, was rightfully restored again by His Imperial Majesty, Napoleon Bonaparte, by imperial decree in 1807 and then formally recognised by Emperor Napoleon III in 1853. In accordance with modern law, the Order was re-registered in France in 1918 and then Brussels, Belgium in 1932. This latter recording was done by three Belgian Templars in Brussels, Joseph Cleeremans, Gustave Jonckbloedt and Théodore Covias. The record of the registration of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem appears in the Belgian Monitor on January 20, 1933.

Today's Knights Templar take their inspiration from the highest ideals and values of the medieval Order of the Knights Templar. We are their spiritual heirs. Members of the Order commit to strict vows of Knighthood and live a life of honour by exhibiting certain virtues and core principles: Chivalry, Courage, Honour, Integrity, Humility, Loyalty, Courtesy, Charity & Wisdom. We understand and agree that chaos, evil and darkness are forces that are dangerous and prolific in the world and as a Templar, we must work against these forces. We choose a life of purpose and meaning by taking a stand for what is right and just as our oath suggests. We are neither political or affiliated with freemasonry.

As a proactive Order, we expect our members to demonstrate the very ideals and behaviours of Templarism in their day-to-day lives. From our very beginning, we introduced the concept of the 'Pay It Forward' ARK card (Acts of Random Kindness) and our "It's cool to be kind" ARK Projects for young people. We've introduced the idea of an International Response Team (IRT) which allows suitably qualified and vetted volunteers to support others around the world in a crisis.

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